Among the comity of States in Nigeria, Imo State has lately become a laughing stock. The once thriving economy and pearl of the East currently lacks purposeful leadership and is in ruins. The last 7 years of the APC maladministration characterized by flagrant disregard to principles of rule of law and good governance has completely destroyed the foundations laid by our founding fathers, dis-articulated a thriving economy; eroded the significance of our once vibrant civil service; lowered the educational standards; chased away investors through policy inconsistencies; confiscated our lands, expropriated/ misappropriated our commonwealth and systematically impoverished and reduced our collective esteem as a people.

Our dear state is bedeviled with a rapid decay of public infrastructure; crippling debt burden of over N100 Billion up from N26 Billion in 2011 without any meaningful infrastructure to show for it but instead we have mounting salary and pension arrears; humongous unemployment and underemployment, despite the fact that between May 2011 and December 2017, Imo State government received over half a trillion Naira from the Federation Account excluding the bailout fund of N63.91 billion, Paris refund of N32.02 billion, over N50 billion internally generated revenue, Ecological funds running into several billions of Naira, the balance of N13.5 Billion on the State bond taken by the previous administration, the N3.3 billion  lease of Adapalm and proceeds from royalties etc.

In addition, from May 2011 to December 2017, Local Governments in Imo State received N276.6 billion from the Federation Account, yet there was no functional and democratically elected Local Government System from May 2011 till August 2018.

Our human capital development has been severely stunted in the last seven years. It is shocking to note that Imo State University, formerly ranked 1st amongst state owned universities in Nigeria and 9th in overall country ranking by 2005 is currently ranked 16th and 58th respectively by the 2018 NUC ranking; and has lost its accreditation in medicine and allied subjects.

The health sector is in a state of complete decay as evidenced by the fact that there is presently only one functional General Hospital in the entire state which is located at Umuguma. There are only 54 medical doctors, 4 consultants in Obstetrics, Gynecology, Pediatric surgery and Family Medicine, 9 Pharmacists, 7 Laboratory Technicians, 172 Nurses and no Radiographer or Physiotherapists in the entire Imo State health system. Compare these figures with that of the Federal Medical Center, Owerri having 120 consultants. 240 Resident Doctors, 50 Pharmacists, 7 Radiologists, 14 Physiotherapists and 700 Nurses.

Suffice it to say that Imo citizens and residents have groaned in pains for far too long. There is therefore the need to take back our State and rebuild it through purposeful leadership, cleanse the pains of yesterday and restore the pride and dignity of our people. United by patriotism, we can still build a better Imo state that is anchored on transparency, fairness, equity, good governance, sincerity of purpose and dedication.



My vision for Imo is a South East Nigeria State that will become one of the top three (3) most developed state economies in Nigeria by year 2025 and ranked within Africa’s top ten (10) economies by year 2030,


To rebuild, reposition and transform Imo into a modern ecosystem for education, agriculture, industry, tourism, culture, sports, entertainment, human capital development, science and technology.


Good governance shall be the thrust of our administration and in this regard, we shall:

  • Introduce due process, openness, transparency and accountability in the conduct of government business.
  • Establish a Policy Advisory Council composed of Imo citizens who have distinguished themselves in various fields of endeavour to advise the Government on government policies and programs
  • Restore the dignity and role of our Traditional Institutions.
  • Ensure the existence of democratically elected local Government Councils in Imo State.
  • Ensure strict observance of the principle of Separation of Powers as it affects Imo State House of Assembly.
  • Respect the autonomy of the Judiciary in order to promote the rule of law.
  • Encourage partnership of Town Unions and Local Government Councils to drive sustainable development of rural communities.
  • Establish Imo State Education Trust Fund to promote free and qualitative education.
  • Massively retrain, reorient and motivate existing teachers and recruit new ones especially in the areas of Sciences and Technology
  • Aim to cut teacher/student ratio to 1/40 max (from 1/60).
  • Provide grant-in-aid to Churches, voluntary agencies and private investors to upgrade the standard of schools they own.
  • Establish a Technical / Trade School in each local government.
  • Ensure adequate subvention to Imo State University and Imo State Polytechnic.
  • Introduce Postgraduate Scholarships to outstanding indigent students of Imo State origin to enhance human capital development.
  • Secure exchange programmes with reputable international universities/colleges for our tertiary institutions.
  • Creation of 135 manufacturing enterprises, localized in 27 local government areas in the state (5 per LGA).
  • Empowerment of 15 youths per year from each of the 305 wards for specific skills acquisition training that will amount to 4,575 entrepreneurs each year.
  • Create an ICT Innovation HUB in Owerri to empower IMO youths and products of Imo schools to play in the software and Apps development opportunity space to emerge as strong techpreneurs and active players in the digital economy.
  • Partner with hotels and transportation entrepreneurs to transform Owerri into a conferencing, hospitality and entertainment capital of the South East and South South geo-political zones of the country.
  • Creation of Industrial Clusters and Parks in the three senatorial zones of the State in partnership with the private sector.
  • Aggressively pursue investment drives within and outside Nigeria to attract industrialists to establish in the various Local Government Areas that have comparative and competitive advantage.
  • Launch a four-year N10Billon Imo Employment Trust Fund (IMO-ETF) to give access to entrepreneurial ventures across the three senatorial zones of the state.
  • Pursue opportunities in prospecting for solid minerals available in the state including lead, calcium, carbonate, zinc, white clay and limestones.
  • Strengthen the primary healthcare system as a solid foundation for implementation of primary, secondary and tertiary health care delivery.
  • Introduce free healthcare services for pregnant women, children under 5 years, senior citizens (65 years and above) based on the National Health Act and the National Health Insurance Scheme.
  • Rehabilitate and re-equip the Owerri Specialist Hospital and indeed all the General Hospitals in all the LGAs and
  • Procure residency programmes in Medical, Pharmaceutical and Medical Laboratory Technology at Imo State University.
  • Promote diaspora investment in healthcare via a Medical Village with basic infrastructure – building, power, security, broadband, etc.
  • Partner with Healthcare Insurance firms to launch a Health Insurance programme.
  • Collaborate with the Federal Government to complete the dualization of major arterial roads linking Owerri Capital Territory with other major towns in the region namely Owerri-Orlu, Owerri-Okigwe, Owerri-Umuahia, Owerri-Aba
  • Develop strategic roads in the Owerri Master Plan
  • Partner with FERMA to ensure the rehabilitation and maintenance of all Federal Roads in the state.
  • Collaborate with the LGAs to construct critical rural roads.
  • Ensure the completion of the 3 additional 132KVA substations located strategically at Okigwe, Aboh-Mbaise and Ideato to complement the 330KVA substation at Egbu
  • Collaborate with the Federal Government to fast track the completion of the NIPP Egbema Power Generating Plant
  • Buy into the National Gas Masterplan and collaborate with the private sector to harness opportunities for the vast gas resources in the state
  • Pursue the full development of the Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport to realize its full potential as a cargo hub for the South East/South South region.
  • Reorganize for greater efficiency, the Imo Transport Company for effective intra-city Municipal Urban Mass Transit services.
  • Resuscitate the water supply schemes in the state
  • Simplifying access to land for agro-allied purposes.
  • Resuscitate and revamp the ADAPALM at Ohaji and Umuogu with higher yielding improved variety of palm seedlings and target the planting of 3,000,000(Three Million) palms within 4 years across the state.
  • Establish Agri-cities in the three senatorial zones of the State which shall provide seedlings, training, fertilizer and equipment for planting, harvesting, processing local distribution and export of agro products.
  • Establish a systematic cassava cropping programme to take Imo to an enviable position in the National and Global Cassava Index.
  • Embark on a rice revolution programme in suitable communities.
  • Establish a farm produce buy-back scheme as a buyer of last resort to curb wastages in order to protect and enhance earnings of farmers.
  • Develop fishery potentials of Oguta Lake
  • Liaise with the Federal Government to operationalize FADAMA projects in the State.
  • Construction of a Biomass Plant in each senatorial zone.
  • Revisit and review the distortions in the Owerri Master Plan
  • Commission the development of the abandoned Okigwe, Orlu and Oguta Master Plans and review the Local Government Master Plans
  • Re-introduce transparency in the management of land as it pertains to acquisition, allocation, compensation and dispossession.
  • Pursue full automation of the Imo Geographic Information Agency (IGIA) to expedite the issuance of Certificates of Occupancy to land owners
  • Map out areas and provide basic infrastructure to enable private developers to build affordable houses
  • Establish an effective and sustainable waste management system
  • Seek collaboration with NEWMAP and other international agencies on erosion management and control.
  • Strict observance of Public Service rules and regulations.
  • Prompt payment of salaries, pensions and gratuities arrears of workers and retired Public Servants.
  • Re-introduce meritocracy in appointments and promotions in a transparent and accountable manner.
  • Fast-track take-off of the contributory pension scheme for Public Servants.
  • Pursue Full computerization of Imo Public Service.
  • Pursue reforms of the Criminal/Civil Administration of justice system for quicker dispensation of justice.
  • Restore a functional and democratic system in Local Government administration in the State. 
  • Introduction of our youths to knowledge in entrepreneurship, innovative technologies, ICT, agro ventures as well as time and resource management.
  • Issuance of start-up loans for youths with desire to set up small scale businesses.
  • Introduction of Master Apprentice Scheme (MAS) to identify, train and empower young people to acquire skills in different trades in partnership with private companies in their areas of interest.
  • Establish sports facilities for talent hunt, recreation and development of healthy citizenry.
  • Maintain zero tolerance for crime and criminality.
  • Partner with the police and town unions to strengthen the existing vigilante system through the introduction of neighbourhood guards.
  • Establish a Security Trust Fund (STF) in partnership with the private sector.
  • Provide street lighting in major cities.
  • Apply remote surveillance technology for large clusters – markets, major streets, major hospitals and schools.
  • Offer equal opportunities, including affirmative actions for physically challenged persons in Imo State.
  • Equip the rehabilitation centre at Umuneke Ngor-Okpalla; Boys Remand School at Arondizuogu, Ideato North LGA, and School of the Deaf and Dumb at Orodo in Mbaitoli LGA for skill acquisition.
  • Establish a trust fund for provision of financial support and payment of stipends to people in this category. 
  • Put together a calendar of major cultural and tourist events which will be staged within given periods of the year.
  • Promote Igbo Language amongst our people and encourage the use of Igbo Language in all schools and for the conduct of government business through the institution of the “Suo Igbo” programme.
  • Develop the Oguta Lake Resort and Golf Course, Abadaba Blue Lake at Obowo and similar sites into tourist attractions.
  • Attract national and international events and conferences to Imo.
  • Establish a film village and studio of international standard on a public private partnership arrangement
  • Ensure proper registration, classification and standardization of hotels using international best practices and make Imo state a preferred destination for local and international conferences and workshops.
  • We shall set up a comprehensive register for all members of the Imo diaspora with their competences and interests documented;
  • We shall float an Imo Diaspora Bond to attract funds for infrastructural development;
  • Partner with the Local Governments to upgrade existing markets in the State.
  • Support business men and women with revolving loans and credits.
  • Review the demolition of Eke Ukwu, Owerri Market.
  • Revamp/expand open markets in Owerri, Okigwe, Orlu and other qualifying towns with the provision of electricity, water, security and parking.
  • Rehabilitate and modernize the Dan Anyiam and Grasshopper Stadia in Owerri, Sam Okwaraji Stadium in Orlu and the Okigwe Township stadium.
  • Encourage every Local Government to build her own Stadium to stimulate sports development.
  • Revive competitive Imo State Sports Festivals, Inter-House School Sports as well as, Inter-School competitions as avenues for sports development and talent hunt.
  • Recruit and train coaches for various sporting activities.
  • Develop a Games Village in the State.
  • Develop a Basketball Stadium & Indoor Sports Hall
  • Ensure inclusive and sustainable empowerment programmes for women.
  • Implement the 35% Affirmative Action in appointive positions for Imo women.
  • Provide special health care services for women of child bearing age.
  • Ensure adequate education, provision and protection of the girl child.
  • Expand internally generated revenue (IGR) sources by growing the economic base of the state.
  • Explore Federal Government special project funds
  • Attract multilateral funding from donor agencies through counterpart funding participation
  • Pursue Development Bonds.
  • Attract Foreign Direct Investments.
  • Explore the Private Public Sector Partnership (PPP) concept for most projects